"We started the initiative in early 2021 with no money and no people. Throwing money at people does not help. Having the right people being involved for years is what really creates impact in complex open-source projects. Building up from the trusted PyPSA ecosystem, we are delighted to present you as PyPSA meets Earth initiative our results over the past 1.5 years. We can also promise that the next years will be even much more exciting! Our initiative will help driving the world’s energy planning domain transition to open-source and open-data"

- Maximilian Parzen (l), Founder and Co-Director of the PyPSA meets Earth initiative,
Prof. Davide Fioriti (r), Co-Director of the PyPSA meets Earth initiative

Max Parzen image Max Parzen image

"I am very impressed by what PyPSA meets Earth has achieved. They are a real grassroots initiative without funding, who have expanded and enriched the PyPSA ecosystem and had more impact than many multi-million-euro funded projects. I believe that this initiative shows the power of free and open source software to catalyse new innovation. We can expect many more exciting developments!"

- Prof. Tom Brown, Co-Creator of PyPSA and lead of

Max Parzen image


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