Create a better planet.

An open source energy system model initiative for our Earth

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To accelerate and cost-optimize the world’s transition to sustainable, accessible and reliable energy with open-source planning tools and open data.

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To create the most compelling energy planning initiative of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to open-source and open-data.

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Freedom and openess are our core values to make developments faster and decision-making transparent and better!

We work on "open" energy planning solutions. Get involved!

The PyPSA meets Earth initiative works on open modelling, open data, open source solver support and open communities for energy system planning. Many of the data, model, solver activities are neutral to the model framework, opening the door for collaboration also outside of the PyPSA space.


A flexible open sector-coupled optimization model of the global energy system.
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A machine learning pipeline to detect infrastructure from satellite images.
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A machine learning toolbox to create demand-timeseries in subnational resolution.
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What we do

Empower Earth talents

We aim to create opportunities for talents across Earth. This should enable independency in energy planning without foreign help. While being part of a Earth developer and user community, they all have one goal. Improving decision-making for fast and sustainable energy system planning.

Create trusted and scalable open source tools for energy system planning

Our tool developments focus on scalable methodologies that can be applied around the world. This means feature improvements, bug fixes, or documentations are shared across the planet. Working together on the tools accelarate the development and use while building trust.

Establish Earth open source network

As an open source project stand not only on the shoulders of giants, but also on the shoulders of the community. To continue building up a strong user, developer and maintainer network is essential for us.

Initiate a stable open source support organization

Even open source projects need a stable organization to build trust and credibility. This is necessary to collect and allocate funds to brilliant contributers, making the tool most useful.

Our users

The PyPSA ecosystem is broadly adopted across industry and research. Some users are listed in the documentation.


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